Certified Translations: This kind of translations require the signature and
     seal of a registered translator.

    Generally, these translations also require the signature and seal of the acting
    professional to be certified by the CTPCBA. The original copy of the document
    delivered by the client must be attached to the translation.

    Among this kind of documents we can mentioned: study certificates,
    diplomas. Birth, marriage or death certificates. Passports. Contracts, and  

  Technical Translations: Technical texts or manuals. Reports. Users’
    Guides. Instructions. Technical Specifications. Any kind of text related to a  
     specific area.

  Literary Translations: Literary works in general. Personal writings.    
    Magazines. Articles. Journalist articles. Reviews.

  Commercial Translations: All kinds of documents used by companies.    
    Balance Sheets. Correspondence, e-mails, fax. Powers of Attorney. Contracts.
    Foreign Trade documents. Invoices. Brochures.

  Web sites Translations.

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